K-Amp Ordering Information

Let us customize your hearing device.

Before You Order Devices…

  1. Prior to placing an order, you will need to make a printed copy of your audiogram (hearing test results) or scan and to send to our e-mail address below. We will need ear impressions made of each ear. Both of these can be obtained from any local hearing professional. Ask for full ear impressions so that our production dept. can offer various sizes (see photo of example impressions).
  2. Review our Price & Policy section below.
  3. Carefully follow directions in our How To Order section.

How to Order
Click on “Order Form” link below, download and print order form. Complete the order form as much as possible. Any blank sections on the form will be discussed when our factory representative calls to confirm your order. Payment will be required at time of order. Credit card info can be given over the phone, or if you prefer to pay by check, call before sending in order to determine final cost of order.

Carefully pack ear impressions so they are not crushed or damaged in the mail. Be sure to include your order form and copy of your audiogram.

E-mail: customercare@softtouchlabs.com

Download K-Amp custom device order form (pdf format)

Our mailing address:
SoftTouch Labs
175 Brookhollow Esplanade
Harahan, LA 70123

Device Styles
The K-Amp is available in various sizes ranging from our smallest possible size to a Full Shell. Our production dept. will build the smallest size device possible unless otherwise specified on order form. Final size of the device will depend on type and severity of your hearing loss, ear canal shape and size, and any requested options such venting and trimmers.

On your order form, you have several device custom options. Shell style (size), color of device, Threshold Knee/Low Cut potentiometers, and venting.

  • Threshold Knee trimmer: reduce high frequency gain in quiet environment
  • Low Cut trimmer: Improve sound quality of user’s voice. See K-amp fitting guide for detailed information on trimmer effects.
  • Venting: diameter and length of a vent effects resonance characteristics in low frequencies. We suggest you refer to manufacturer’s recommendation on vent options.

Shell Styles
Select the size you prefer on the order form, you will be contacted prior to production if unable to complete the order as requested.

  • Completely In Canal (CIC) smallest possible size. Due to size, no rotary volume wheel option, trimmer style control only.
  • Canal – small to mid size, our most popular size.
  • Full shell ITE (In The Ear) fills outer ear, recommended when size 13 battery is needed.

ITE rev3
clip board

Policy & Pricing
Due to the nature of custom-made hearing devices, we have the following policy guidelines:

  • 1 year parts and labor warranty coverage
  • Devices returned for credit must be mailed back to manufacturer within 35 day of  original shipment date.
  • Refunds will not include any shipping and handling costs PLUS $50 custom-device return fee per device.
  • One-time Loss and Damage claim is permitted within the first year of purchase, a processing fee of $189 per device will be charged.


  • K-Amp custom device…$525 per device (any size)
  • TK or Low Cut trimmer…$25 each
  • Shipping costs are listed on order form

What In The Package?
Your device is shipped in a professional package and includes all accessories to allow you to start wearing your new device right out of the box!

In the package:

  • Device(s) with Q.A. performance graph
  • Mini hard shell storage case
  • Pack of batteries
  • User manual
  • Multi-purpose cleaning tool
  • One year warranty coverage
kamp package