K-Amp Hearing Aid FAQs

Here are few of our most popular FAQs on the K-Amp hearing aid...

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  1. What device styles are available for the K-amp?
    We typically build devices as small as possible. The physical size of the device will depend on your ear canal shape and size.
  2. Is the K-Amp available in an OTE device?
    Yes, but due to the acoustic characteristics of the sound tube may narrow the frequency response.
  3. How do I know if K-Amp will work for my hearing loss?
    Refer to the K-Amp Fitting Guide, if offers low risk and high risk sample audiograms.
  4. Can I order just one device?
    Yes, but you will not experience maximum benefit such as sense of sound balance and localization. Also, by wearing two devices (binaural) you will not need as much volume.
  5. What options do I have for device size?
    Download our order to see all device options such as color and shell style. Device circuit options include Threshold Knee (TK) and Low-cut trimmers.
  6. What is the TK trimpot controlling?
    The TK trimpot is an optional feature and controls gain at low input levels.
  7. Can I order a TK and Low Cut control?
    Yes, but that will be dependent on ear canal and device size.
  8. What about venting for my device?
    Vent selection will be dependent on the user’s hearing loss, ear canal size and size of device. That is an option box on the order form or choose to have our staff audiologist make best recommendation.
  9. Will the K-Amp reduce background noise?
    No, you will hear all sounds. However, refer to Mead Killion’s article on how the brain filters noise from speech.
  10. Can I return my device for a refund.
    Yes, but due to the nature of custom orders there are restrictions. Be sure to read our Price and Policy information in the “Ordering K-Amp” section.
  11. What is the battery size and life per battery?
    Battery size will depend on size of device requested. K-Amp circuitry is more “energy efficient” than most digital devices. Typical battery drain is (approx. .36 mA) so a small 10A battery should last 8-10 days. This calculation is based on use at a moderate volume level at 8-10 hours per day. We recommend that you open the battery door when not in use to extend battery life and allow internal moisture to escape.