Professional Supplies

Professionals in need of order forms, mailing labels, data sheets or other supplies please contact our customer support team.

Call: (504) 442-4999

Tinnitus Devices

We offer a complete line of tinnitus and hyperacusis devices. Click on the link below to go to our tinnitus section.
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K-Amp Hearing Aids

Fit your patients with a choice of digital or classic analog hearing aids. We offer a selection of ITE and ITC custom devices.
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Hearing Protection

Expand your practice with advanced electronic hearing protection. These devices provide combination digital sound protection and hearing amplification.
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The SpinStaion is the ultimate in cleaning machine. With just quick spin, it can revive “dead” hearing aids in just a couple of minutes. No matter what size instrument you have, earmolds, completely-in-the- ear, even full shell ITE’s – SpinStation can handle the job more efficiently than vacuums, heaters, desiccators.

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