Removing internal wax blockage is the key to optimum performance for any hearing instrument

We’ve taken a whole new “spin” on cleaning hearing devices.

The SpinStation combines the functionality of a laboratory centrifuge with patented features of an adjustable rotor to create the ultimate hearing device cleaning system.

In less than one minute of operation, you can return hearing devices back to peak performance. Why send the device back to the manufacturer when you can eliminate wax blocked receivers on the spot. SpinStation works perfect for office visits or can be sold to consumers for nightly home use.

SpinStation is quick, reliable and easy to use! Simply place the hearing device in the rotor and close the lid– that’s it. The precisely calculated centrifugal force will safely and effectively eject all earwax and foreign matter. SpinStation will clean various hearing instruments ranging in size from completely-in-the-canal to OTE’s.

Removing internal wax blockage is the key to optimum performance for any hearing instrument.

spinstation featuresEarwax occurs in two distinctly different forms, hard and liquid. Dry, hard earwax can be readily removed from hearing instruments with almost any cleaning system. However, the soft, semi-liquid earwax, not always visible during an otoscopic examination, can invade the internal components of a hearing instrument. Wax entering the receiver will dampen or arrest the vibrating motion of the diaphragm. This will result in distortion, diminished high frequency response or even complete receiver failure.

While vacuum systems can remove dry wax from inside the tubing, they cannot remove the liquid wax from inside the receiver. Systems using heaters or desiccating units remove moisture, but cannot reach internal wax. SpinStation’s centrifugal force ejects moisture, dry skin, hard and liquid wax and other debris that may reduce instrument performance.

SpinStation cleans all ITE devices.
No matter what size instrument you have, earmolds, completely-in-the- ear, even full shell ITE’s – SpinStation can handle the job more efficiently than vacuums, heaters, desiccators. And, it can rescue devices in less than a minute.


  • Small, fits on night stand
  • Fast, cleans in 20 seconds
  • Safe for nightly use
  • Laboratory centrifuge technology
  • Cleans CIC and ITE devices
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quick-start DVD
  • 4.5H x 6W x 6L 1.5 lbs