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You found us!  We are now called SoftTouch Labs.

Tranquil Brand Devices

View our complete line of Tranquil brand tinnitus devices.

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Electronic Shooters Protection

Custom electronic shooters plugs with hearing amplification.

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The ultimate, patented cleaning system for hearings aids!

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SoftTouch Labs offers classic and digital devices in a variety of styles.

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Tinnitus Devices

View our complete line of Tranquil brand of custom and OTE tinnitus sound generators.Read More »

Electronic Hearing Protectors

SmartWear Pro -the latest in electronic hearing protection with digital amplification. Protect yourself from dangerous noises while hearing everyday sounds and conversation.Read More »

Custom Hearing Devices

We offer a wide variety of custom in-the-ear and over-the-ear hearing aids including the unique Simply Soft device.Read More »


The patented SpinStation safely and quickly ejects ear wax and other blockage from all types of hearing aids. Revives “dead” devices in just minutes!Read More »

Stented Hearing Products

An all-soft canal size hearing protector with self-fitting stent! Available with Musician’s sound attenuation filter.Read More »

Device Accessories

Original factory replacement parts and cleaning supplies for Simplicity and Simply Soft hearing aids.

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K-Amp – A Blast From The Past!

We are proud to announce the return of the original K-Amp analog high fidelity hearing aid! Read the complete story, view data sheets and ordering information.

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Analog Technology Starts Here!

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SoftTouch Labs Who We Are

Our management and production personnel has been designing and manufacturing custom hearing aids, tinnitus therapy devices and other specialty products for the hearing industry since 1985. As an highly innovative team, we have developed and patented several important applications for the professional hearing industry.

We are actively involved the advancement of hearing technology as we participate in important research and development work with respected professionals and universities. Our hearing instruments are proudly hand-crafted in the USA.

SoftTouch Labs mission statement is to produce products that satisfy the diverse needs within the hearing community. Offering uncompromising quality in acoustics, design, technology, craftsmanship, and customer service is not only a trademark but a corporate philosophy.


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