Simply Tranquil

Simply Tranquil Soft Sound Generator

With Simply Tranquil, patients can now sleep all night long!

Simply Tranquil™  devices are soft, comfortable noise generators that can be worn all day and throughout the night. It is the smallest, most comfortable low-level noise generator on the market today. The soft, flexible design offers natural sound quality due to the open canal format in a small ITC design.

Simply Tranquil can be ordered with either a manual volume control or digital volume/memory toggle switch. If ordering a manual volume device, specify white or pink noise circuit. The digital switch device features both white and pink circuits and allows user quickly toggle  between the two options. Holding the toggle in either direction will result in a smooth memory change; momentary “clicking” the toggle in an upward or downward motion results in discreet 1dB changes in volume.

The Simply Tranquil difference… features 0 dB noise floor volume control – no noise produced when volume is set at lowest setting. Powered by a zinc-air #10 battery, the device will provide about 200 hours battery life. The soft body is medical grade hypo-allergenic silicone and will not shrink over time.

Tranquil Features:

  • Mini OTE size
  • Size #10 battery
  • Multi-Function switch
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Micro polytube
  • Pink and white noise
  • 0 dBSL floor

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