Stent Technology

Keep your employee's hearing safe on the jobsite

Hear Your Patients While You Protect Your Hearing!

SmartWear Pro hearing protectors are designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music and sound in general. Hearing with SmartWear protectors will not alter the quality of sound, they just “lower the volume”.  Music and speech remain clear, which is the result of smooth, flat attenuation. Maintain important communication with patients while reducing harmful noises typically found in dental offices.

Stent Technology

Evolving from the coronary stent industry, the SmartWear technology uses a temperature-sensitive Nitinol super alloy. The thermally activated stent is embedded in an ultra-soft medical silicone body. Once seated in the ear canal, the stent responds to body temperature by expanding just enough to comfortably and securely fill the contours of the ear canal. The end result is an excellent acoustic seal that’s quite comfortable for extended wear time and very responsive to jaw movement when talking with patients. Order your pair TODAY!

Smart Wear Pro Features:

  • Lifetime warranty on thermal stent
  • Hypoallergenic medical silicone body
  • Soft, flexible fit in ear
  • 1- year warranty on body
  • 15 decibel noise reduction
  • Sturdy, woven nylon lanyard