Tranquil COE

Tranquil COE Sound Generator

The original COE design, the first in-the-ear open-ear tinnitus device.
The Tranquil™ COE (custom open ear) is a small, canal size device that features the Tranquil noise generator. It offers advanced digital circuitry and quality broadband noise as featured throughout the Tranquil product line. The COE is a custom-fit device that occupies only fifty percent of the ear canal. This shell design allows for a comfortable, unoccluded fit allowing patients who do not require amplification to hear ambient sounds in a normal manner.

The Tranquil COE can be ordered with either a manual volume control or digital volume/memory toggle switch. If ordering a manual volume device, specify white or pink noise circuit. The digital switch device features both white and pink circuits and allows user quickly toggle  between the two options. Holding the toggle in either direction will result in a smooth memory change; momentary “clicking” the toggle in an upward or downward motion results in discreet 1dB changes in volume.

The Simply Tranquil difference… features 0 dB noise floor volume control – no noise produced when volume is set at lowest setting. Low battery alert system with digital model and both styles will provide approximately 200 hours of battery life. 

Tranquil COE Features:

  • In canal size
  • Size #10 battery
  • Digital switch or wheel
  • 200 hrs battery life
  • Low battery alert
  • Pink and white noise
  • 0 dBSL floor

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